Hello there, you PPC superstar.

We're hiring, and we thought we'd see if you wanted to join our team. We're hiring at all levels so the role may vary.

As a quick background, we're the best large digital marketing agency in Europe and we're expanding to the USA! But we might get better if you join us?

So here's the deal…

We'd like you to:

- Plan, manage, lead and execute the strategy for wildly successful PPC campaigns

- Help us continue to grow and manage one of the best PPC teams in the world

- That's about it really.

In return we'll give you perks in-line with our London office e.g.:

- An opportunity to work with some of the smartest marketers on the planet

- A-list clients

- Free lunches

- Yoga sessions or Mario Kart or both

- A platform to become the best in the world at what you do

- Monies


We're open to lots of different backgrounds but you probably need to have between 1-4+ years experience, depending on the role, in PPC as either a Senior AM / Account Director or Exec / AM. And excellent academics.

Project management skills are important. A pro-active, charismatic, and consultative approach to working with clients is essential.

Beyond that we are looking for the digital leaders of the future - people with the potential to produce truly game-changing work. If you've got that potential, join us and unleash the beast within.

Read more about why we are the best company in the history of the world to work at on our Careers page - http://www.brainlabsdigital.com/careers/