Hello there, supreme organiser.

We're hiring, and we thought we'd see if you wanted to join our team.

As a quick background, we're a fast growing digital agency in London. We're originally from the UK but are expanding to the USA! We're pretty great but we might get better if you join us?

You can read more about us on our Careers page.

So here's the deal...

We'd like you to:

- Pay the bills on time

- Help us prepare presentations

- Organise events

- Book travel

- Manage our office

- Tell people what to do

- And probably loads more stuff that we can't think of right now.

In return we'll give you:

Perks will be in line with our London office, for example:

- An opportunity to work in a fun & buzzing culture

- Free cooked lunches

- Yoga sessions and other sporting activities

- Monies


We're open to lots of different backgrounds but you probably need to have 3-4+ years experience as a PA/EA or Office Manager.

You should be mega organised, to the extent that your friends find it a bit annoying. A pro-active, energetic and enthusiastic approach to work and life is essential.